Hello!!   Thank you for visiting 🙂   My site is raw, authentic, from the heart truth about the journey to break out of society’s “norm”, the misery of a corporate job, and the decision to follow the compass of my heart.   

I grew up in the Sierra Nevada mountains (in the middle of nowhere) on 35 acres.   The nearest grocery store was 45 minutes away.   We had a 5 acre garden, we raised and butchered our own animals, and I was taught to be up early and work hard from a young age.    

I wasn’t allowed to sit around the house or watch TV so if I wasn’t working, I had to be doing something outside.   From the young age of 5 I started roaming the mountains alone.   It was where I learned to connect to God, hear my inner compass, and understand how to be quiet and be lead by something other than my brain.

At 11 years old my parents divorced and my mom took me to the big city (bay area).    You can imagine the massive shift this was for me from the solitude of the mountains to the chaos of the city.   But I adapted and unfortunately turned to the chaos of my brain instead of the calm guidance of my heart.   And….I ended up in the corporate world, something that was NEVER me.  I became lost and miserable.

9 years ago my heart was screaming for something more. I quit my job, packed up my house and moved to a small mountain town in Oregon having no idea how this was all going to play out and knowing I could lose everything in the process.  But I knew what I was doing wasn’t working so I trusted my heart and took the leap.   I moved back to my mountain roots.

I went on a soul searching journey that would forever change me. I made the decision that I was going to start following my heart’s leading, I was going to heal from my past, and I wasn’t going to be stuck in a job I hated anymore…I was determined to find ME.   

As children we followed our hearts but as we grew into adulthood we became overwhelmed with information and simply trying to survive. Somewhere along the line we lost connection to our hearts and started letting our minds run the show based on what the world tells us we need to do. Because of this we feel more lost than ever.

In my personal life, I am a mountain girl at heart and am always up for an adventure.   I grew up in the Sierra Nevada mountains and I now live at the base of the Cascade mountains.  Some of my passions are…

  • Animals!  I have 3 Border Collies who are my adventure buddies and best friends.  Their names are Tucker, Sierra, and Cascade.
  • Trail Running (I’m a trail freak….I love it!)
  • Hiking
  • Standup Paddling & Kayaking
  • Mountain Biking
  • Adventure Racing
  • Navigational Racing
  • Snow Shoeing & Snow Running
  • Road Trips!
  • Humm Kombucha!   I always have some in the fridge.
  • My favorite food….ice cream 🙂

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